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Xavier Slim
Xavier SlimUpdated 8 months ago

Tweak your build to perfection

Path of Building (PoB) is a free and offline build planner for the action role-playing game, Path of Exile (PoE). The open-source project ranks high on GitHub and helps you create a build so you can achieve the character progression you desire. You can use this software to calculate your damage per second or overtime, your remaining lives and energy shields, as well as other information. Other features include skill tree planner, gear planner, and full character import, among others.

What is Path of Building?

Earlier, planning out the build of a game’s character required using a notepad and a skill tree site. While using the two wasn’t difficult, mapping out a character with limited features didn’t always give the results you expected. Thanks to Path of Building, however, players can now map out everything even before they get access to a maxed-out character in the game.

Developed by Openarl, PoB is the solution to creating builds and optimizing them to perfection. It features tools that allow you to generate new character builds, calculate stats, and modify their skills. You can use it to create characters that are ready for any attack and can go on the offensive when required. Additionally, the software lets you import and export entire versions of any build using shareable code.

Easy to install

The installation process of this program is quite straightforward. After you run the installer for the first time, it will go through an update. It will ask you to select the version of the Path of Exile you’re playing so that you can see the features relevant to that version. Once the update is complete, you can use PoB—online, as well as offline—to start planning your build.

Clean and intuitive interface

When you launch this application, you’ll come across a dark theme window. The passive skill tree is on the right side and is the most intimidating and largest part of PoE. You can use this space to create skill trees so you have different blueprints for any character you wish to create. The program also allows you to import previously-created skill trees to the panel.

While the right side is for skill planning, the left side of the window offers different tabs like Notes, Configuration, Tree, Items Skills, Import/Export Build, and Calcs. All of these tools help players in creating and optimizing their builds, and running simulations based on actual character statistics. You can use them to update your DPS and overview your mana, life, and ES points, among others.

Offers numerous features

Path of Exile is an action role-playing game where players can tweak and improve their character to perfection. Without love for theory-crafting, winning the game is almost impossible. The game offers a massive skill tree on which you can expect character progression like no other. Additionally, it supports the use of item sockets and skill gems for a comprehensive and enjoyable experience.

To craft the best characters, you need a build planner. That’s where PoB, with its numerous features, comes into play. For starters, it allows you to use shareable code to import and export. Any changes you want to make in the build can be jotted on the Notes tab. The tool also lets you change the version of the game you’re playing, select modifiers for your map, and set the action status of your simulated opponents.

Apart from including a passive skill planner window, this build planner lets you set your gems and skills, and allows you to access a database to add different items to your build. The tree, skill, gem, and item planner are quite comprehensive and this application provides you accurate statistics based on them. You can also access the Calculations screen to analyze the performance of your character when it enters the gaming arena.

How does building path work?

The software is quite useful for sharing builds with varying gears and statistics. It allows you to share your build exactly as it’s designed, with specific data items to represent statistics. Using a slider, you can check whether or not the build will work in different scenarios. With PoB, you can share different variations of the skills tree—including SC and HC alternatives—without having to manage multiple build versions.

What is Path of Building PoE?

Unless you have imported builds, you will come across a blank screen where you’ll have to create a build. Though you may feel overwhelmed when you begin, focusing on Trees, Items, and Skills can get you started on the right path. When you plan a character, it usually revolves around a particular skill, tree node, gem, or item—so if you start with it and fill in the basics, you’ll be on your way.

This program also comes with a handy sidebar and calculations tab. These stay active when you create your build and allow you to keep an eye on your progress. For instance, if you’ve set a goal for your character, like meeting a minimum skill, you can change the stats to ensure you hit your aim. You can also run different simulations to see how your character will perform when faced with enemies.

Should I download Path of Building?

One of the best things about playing Path of Exile is that you get to create your build. The Path of Building tool allows you to plan and create character builds using a passive skill tree—as well as plan for gems, items, and skills. You can even use the software to calculate your skill damage per second, overtime, ES totals, and more. The offline and free program also lets you import and export a build using code. If you’re a fan of the action role-playing game, you should download and use this to create a build.


  • Works offline
  • Offers passive skills planning tree
  • Calculates skills DPS and other stats


  • May seem complicated to beginners

Program available in other languages

Path Of Building for PC

  • Free

  • In English
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  • 4.2

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    I can't get it to launch it was able to earlier but after I reset my computer it just tells me I can press any key to continue but as soon as I do it closes itself.


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